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Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee
"Our message is Hope, and the Promise of Freedom"


The H & I Sub-committee Meets Regularly As a Part of the PR Committee at 10:30am Prior to the Area Business Meeting


If you would like to share your experience, strength and hope, please come to the subcommittee meeting and become oriented.  All members must be oriented before carrying the message into institutions.
This is very powerful, recovery enhancing stuff, and as an FYI, I read a poll in an NA Way magazine that showed over 50% of NA members were introduced to the program through H & I.
We currently take panel discussions into Benton County Jail Monday at 7 PM, the Yes House (Corvallis) Friday at 7 PM, the Lincoln County Jail in Newport.




The area Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee plays a central role in the overall H & I service effort. It initiates, coordinates and conducts all local N.A. hospitals and institutions meetings and activities within the area.  This subcommittee is the hub of H & I planning and organization.

The H & I Committee is a subcommittee of the Area Service Committee (ASC). It meets monthly, and the Chairperson reports to and is accountable in all matters to the ASC. The Subcommittee is composed of an H & I chairperson, H & I vice chairperson, H & I secretary, and other elected officers, as well as any other members of the Fellowship who wish to be involved.

Here is what the subcommittee does:


Provides a monthly forum to pool experiences, "I can't - we can!"


Prepares H & I policies and guidelines for the H & I subcommittee's and for the ASC's approval.


Serves as a communication link between local H & I meetings / presentations and H & I subcommittees at the Region and World levels.


Selects the members who are to conduct the H & I meetings.


Serves as a distribution point for literature for the meetings and reports these transactions to the ASC.


Conducts learning days, workshops, and orientations on relevant topics.


Is responsible for all H & I oriented services within the Area.



In order to form a clear understanding of an H & I meeting/presentation, it is important to know where it fits in our service structure. Rather than being an NA group, which may be represented at the Area service committee by a GSR, an H & I meeting is a service provided by that Area service committee through its H & I subcommittee.


An H & I meeting are always held under the auspices of an H & I subcommittee. Any meeting not linked into the service structure in this way is not an H & I meeting. Where there is no existing H & I subcommittee, groups conducting H & I service can be accountable by following the WSC H & I Guidelines and reporting to an ASC or RSC.


H & I meetings are held in facilities where addicts do not have full access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings.


Meetings that are held in a facility, but which are fully self-supporting and free of restrictions, are not H & I meetings.


All H & I meetings are closed to outside participation. NA members from the outside should attend the H & I meeting only when invited by the panel leader. The only people to attend H & I meetings are the panel leader, panel chair, panel member and speaker or anyone approved by the H & I subcommittee to go into that H & I meeting