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Public Information Subcommittee

Public Information normally meets bi-monthly on the second Tuesday of the Month.

PI Chair Ross H. (541) 996-6462


Public information has many things that we can use help on, from distributing schedules and posters, to coordinating phone lines, speaking to individuals outside the fellowship about what we do and more.

If you are interested in service or just becoming more a Part of Narcotics Anonymous, Public Information is looking for people to attend a subcommittee meeting and take on small service commitments (with no set clean time requirements).  If you are interested, please contact Megan I at the number above.

The purpose of Public Information work in Narcotics Anonymous is to inform the public that NA exists and offers recovery from the disease of addiction. A Public Information Committee helps to ensure that information about our fellowship is accurate and is available to the public

Public Information and the NA Member

Every member of NA has a role in helping us carry the message to the still-suffering addict. Much of the goodwill that exists between NA and the community is based on the relationships that we maintain as NA members. We can improve these relationships for our fellowship by taking care to treat others with courtesy and respect. This is especially important when we represent the fellowship to professionals and members of other organizations who may spread their good or bad impressions of us to others. We need to project a positive image of NA so that these individuals feel comfortable directing addicts seeking recovery to our meetings

When we participate in a public information event, we accept responsibility for our behavior. If we are rude, use profanity, or show a lack of respect for a facility or for other organizations, we bring into question the effectiveness of our recovery program.

We can also be seen as members of Narcotics Anonymous when we wear an NA T-shirt in public, stand around outside a group meeting, or attend an NA convention or service conference. As a fellowship, we have no control over the behavior of individual NA members. As members, however, keeping our spiritual principles in mind, we can share our concerns about our public image with other members. We can communicate to them that a bad image of Narcotics Anonymous could easily keep the message of recovery from reaching the addict who still suffers.


LBL Web Subcommittee Guidelines
 as adopted by the members of the
Linn Benton Lincoln Area Public Information Subcommittee
(revised and unanimously approved Jan 29, 2006)

  1. Follow 12 steps, traditions, concepts
  2. Webmaster should report to PI, all decisions will be made by the committee.
  3. Any inquiries should be brought to PI Sub-committee.
  4. Non- Affiliations: Our online NA information will contain links or references only to NA-related information.   We will work to ensure that we uphold the guidelines of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts for Service and the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust that were set forth by those who have gone before us. The only exceptions will be links or references required to use or find our site, or to find our meetings and events.  As guided by our understanding of the traditions, we will provide the following statement or similar before any links that are not registered service bodies of Narcotics Anonymous: "The Linn Benton Lincoln Area of Narcotics Anonymous does not endorse and is not affiliated with any of these links but provides them only for the the convenience of addicts trying to reach other addicts within our world wide fellowship, and to promote our primary purpose."  These exceptions will be made thoughtfully, by our committee, and accompanied by appropriate disclaimers of non-affiliation.
  5. Privacy: Since information made accessible by the Internet can be accessed from all over the world, anyone posting contact information for various subcommittees and/or activities must be aware that such information is available to the world at large and no last names will be used as is the NA convention.
  6. These guidelines are only guides and may be revised at any time by the LBL Public Information Subcommittee.

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